Aubridge Partners helps U.S. companies design and execute effective China strategies.  China’s business environment is getting more complicated, and U.S.-centric middle-market companies often do not have the resources and expertise to set up effective operations in China.  Therefore, they often forego the cost-savings and/or increased revenue that could be achieved in China.  Aubridge will help companies lower costs, grow sales, improve profitability and maximize returns for shareholders.

Aubridge Partners serves as a value-added, trusted China advisor to U.S. management teams.  In essence, we are management's "eyes and ears" in China.  We have broad capabilities that are fully integrated from the boardroom to the shop floor.  We're eager to get into the details, such as quality issues at a new supplier, but can also strategize with management on whether sourcing or greenfield investment is the better path for the company.

We'll work side-by-side with management to answer the why, what, how, and when of doing business in China:

  • Why should we consider China for our business?
    • China has low costs and a potentially large demand base, but is it right for our company and product?

  • What products are best suited for China?
    • Not every product is a good candidate for sourcing or manufacturing in China; sourcing or manufacturing qualification depends on different factors such as quality required, raw materials availability, technology content, etc. 

  • How should we consider China for our business?
    • China market entry is fraught with pitfalls due to cultural differences, distance, regulatory and political issues, unscrupulous partners, etc.; U.S. companies must be careful in taking their first steps into this market

  • When should we go into China?
    • Different industries and production capabilities are progressing at different pace and regulatory issues may mean that a company has to wait to take advantage of the China opportunity
    • But if the time is now, companies must act quickly to capture first-mover advantage; if the opportunity is up-coming, companies should stay abreast of China market developments to be able to act before the competition



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