Aubridge Partners first understands the needs of its clients and then provides a custom-tailored solution.  Aubridge's clients have had diverse needs, and Aubridge has delivered various effective solutions.  Aubridge has helped its clients fundamentally improve their businesses through sourcing, setting up greenfield operations, acquisitions and selling products into China.

Strategic Sourcing  
  • Executes 4-step Strategic Sourcing process:
    1. Customer Product Line Assessment
    2. Supply-Base Assessment
    3. Screening and Negotiation
    4. Supplier Development and Project Management
  • Serves as on-the-ground China Sourcing Office
  • Helps clients achieve cost savings by identifying attractive parts for China sourcing, identifying the best suppliers, and implementing sourcing programs

Case study:U.S. Automotive Supplier
Case study:U.S. Wood Products Manufacturer
Case study:Wood Flooring Sourcing

Market Entry Advisory
  • Works side-by-side with senior management to develop China strategy in the context of the broader organization
  • Understanding of Western business practices ensures field work done by local China experts is relevant, practical and actionable for Western clients
  • Oversees all aspects of the market entry process, including market research, competitive analysis, government and legal requirements, production set-up, supply chain management, cultural considerations, sales and marketing, financial analysis, and risk management

Case study:U.S. Wood Products Manufacturer
Case study:Marquardt Switches
Case study:Italian Industrial Chains Manufacturer

Mergers & Acquisitions  
  • On-the-ground presence provides direct access to potential Chinese buyers and sellers
  • Leverages strong technical and operational expertise plus an understanding of the local “rules of the game” to perform in-depth financial and operational due diligence

Case study:Due Diligence on Chinese Company

Sale of Products into China  
  • Conducts in-depth research on the China market to develop optimal distribution channels and identify buyer universe
  • Builds relationships on behalf of clients with end buyers and channel partners

Case study:Italian Industrial Chains Manufacturer


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